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These transcripts contain material that did not appear in the final program. And he asked me, what did I think? I said, I think we can do it.

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Is it, is it because he's Black or is it just that I feel that, ah, ah, an otherwise, unknown individual, Bernard Epton, is more qualified to be mayor than, ah, Harold Washington. Gardner and his fellow debunker of bogus science, the magician James Randi, scoffed.

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Imagine heating a metal ring enough so it expands. Penrose tiles are a good example of just how "nontrivial" the consequences of his puzzle column could be. His secret was a fantastic card index system of gwrdner own, going back to the s, stored in shoe boxes.

Now, assume the road to the right does not lead to their leader. The real question is, which - bigger or smaller?

Those of a mathematical bent should be able to suggest many solutions. Don't be fooled by the perspective shown.

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It went a lot further than puzzles - there was substance, depth and a fair share of mystery and wonder in the topics he wrote about. Harold Washington was the kind of person who was all encompassing. I had the good fortune to get to know Gardner in his later years, visiting him several times in his cosy room-cum-office in a retirement home in Norman, Oklahoma, surrounded by his favourite books, with his prized original M C Escher on the wall, alongside the famous photograph of Einstein taken the day he became a US citizen.

The reward for solving puzzles like these, unaided, is to experience priceless Aha! Can you think of two common words that begin and end with "he"?

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Chag Game telephne Life appeared in Scientific American inand was by far the most successful of Gardner's columns, in terms of reader response. And Stevie Wonder said, I'll honor the boycott and he didn't come to the boycott and there were picket lines down there, around that site, day, day in and day out. And so, I never will forget. I believe that the human mind, or even the mind of a cat, is more interesting in its complexity than an entire galaxy if it is devoid of life.

If she's speaking to the truth-teller, then the other alien would say No, and this is what she'll be told. Because I remember very clearly that, ah, there was some sort of a delay in the, ah, in the, ah, rapid transit elevated, ah, trains that were running from the Loop to the South Sides and the West Sides and we always felt that this was by de, not by accident.

First, assume the road to the right does indeed lead to the leader.

Two classic columns

I said, I think we've got a movement. The review was scathing!

He revealed that Richard Dawkins had recently paid him a brief surprise visit, on his way to the local airport, after delivering a lecture nearby. These transcripts contain material that did not appear in the final program.

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We had taxicab drivers for Washington. Can you construct a valid argument that works in all cases? We registered people to vote.

At the time we didn't who the candidate was going to be. They started forming little associations, ah, ah, young artists started putting together raps, I must have still now, 15 or 20 tapes of young artists who put together rap songs for Harold around the notion of his, ah, ballotin, I think the primary was Punch 8. Can you fold up a one-by-seven strip like this to form a cube with sides one unit long?

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And what would happen is, that, ah, Sister's Shaw's broadcast from 10 o'clock, ah, in the morning to 11, ah, at that time of day, people in the shopping centers, they're in the beauty shops, gxrdner in the barber shops, they're in the pool halls and so forth. One, it was the, the candidate, the personality and i style of the candidate. Ah, in, ah, many of the reporters harkened back to and other, ah, ah, situations that were negative to Chicago, ah, because it brought racism out in its most ugly form at a Catholic Church on a Sunday.

Ironically, for an avowed sceptic who had no ij for any form of organised religion, Martin Gardner believed in a personal God, in the value of prayer, and in an afterlife the nature of which he refused to speculate about. He made people feel comfortable with him and around him.

There were barbers for Harold. Although he wrote about this at length in his book, The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener, few of his fans seemed to notice.

Ah, so there was tension within the Black ggardner between, ah, shall we say, the professional politicians or many of the professional politicians and the, ah, so-called independents or progressives or activists, whatever handle you want to put on them. For such an organised man with seemingly instant access to a wealth of information on a huge range of subjects, it's surprising to learn that he avoided computers and.

Over the coming months there was a great deal of interest then in developing the concept of having a Black mayor in Chicago. But if she's speaking to the liar, then the other alien would say No, and she'll be told Yes instead.

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So, all of a sudden, we had to move from what had been primarily a kind of a, a, single focus, grassroots movement, into a fairly sophisticated, fairly broad based, reaching out into all fifty wards, general election campaign. He reached out to everyone. Bus drivers, individuals who owned bus companies, private bus companies, made their buses available. Maths writer Simon Singh, meanwhile, says some of the Simpsons writers - who occasionally slip hidden mathematical references into the storyline - were influenced by Gardner.

Pasqual's, ah, ah, the situation rather at St.

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He wrote about all of those, extensively, in essays, reviews and books, for a period of 80 years. That has to have a tremendously positive ripple effect, ah, among progressive minded people, organizers and activists around the country. Ah, in the aftermath of that blzck and the events that have taken place since then in Chicago, I think that it really says that, ah, ah, that same boack of effort can be put together again.

I'm a Catholic and I feel very embarrassed that that happened in the city of Chicago in Let's warm up with three gems from the vaults: 1. Gardner specialised in such puzzles, having studied closely the works of the masters of an earlier tele;hone, England's Henry Dudeney and his American counterpart, Sam Loyd. You're allowed to fold diagonally. When two opposite corners on a chess or draughts board are removed, as in the picture, a classic question asks if the remaining 62 squares can be covered with 31 dominoes, each the size of two squares.

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You know if Harold Washington wants to get, ah, votes of progressive Whites on the Lake Front, he's got to come up here. She meets two aliens there, one a liar, the other a garsner Two classic columns image copyrightScientific American 1. For instance, she could point to one of them, and say to the other, "If I ask him if the road to the right goes to your leader, what would he say?